The Woman Behind The Goat

The Woman Behind The Goat

I am a writer. In my brain is an imaginary land where words frolic and play to their hearts content. I let them out to meet the World through my writing. I use my writing to reach out to others in hopes that they can relate.

You will find that I am passionate about the things I write about. I do not waste my time on trivial matters. You will also find that I am 100% real. I tend to be too loud and obnoxious at times but I always tell the truth. I stay true to myself throughout it all. If you ever read something and think, “My God. I can’t believe she shared that with the world,” then I’ve done my job here.

I’m a work in progress and will be until the day I die.

I am also an avid fighter against the stigma of mental illness. You can follow my mental health support page on Facebook here! If you’d like to follow me on Facebook and catch more happenings from the land of Rustica you can click here and follow me on Twitter here and (take a breath) Pinterest here!

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