Please Forgive Me: An Open Letter to My Son

The sun shone brightly in my window this morning waking me from a fitful sleep. Once again, I struggled all night to find peace beneath the blankets. My life; our lives have always been in disarray since you came into this world and I’m so very sorry for that. I’d like to say I did … Read morePlease Forgive Me: An Open Letter to My Son

You Don’t Have To Be Scared

A stranger told me I should talk to you. My first instinct was to scoff and ask, “Why?” Then he insisted. This time my thought was, “I’ve tried to talk to her before and the conversation just doesn’t flow.” Before you start sulking away and feeling sorry for yourself, hear me out. You are hard … Read moreYou Don’t Have To Be Scared

Happiness: Is This Feeling REALLY Mine?

It’s been so long since I just up and wrote a piece for the blog without thinking about it first. You know, mapping out my idea and how I would present it. Yet this morning I woke up with a clear head for once and wasn’t grumpy about getting out of bed. Although I did … Read moreHappiness: Is This Feeling REALLY Mine?

The Magic Leaves – Battle Rising

Part IV Lucas dug around in the dirt in the garden with a ferocity he had never experienced. He had woken drenched in sweat from a nightmare he couldn’t remember. Dragging himself from bed had been a chore this morning, and it had frightened him a bit. He was normally one that woke with an eagerness … Read moreThe Magic Leaves – Battle Rising

The Magic Leaves

The Magic Leaves is a story of a family with a legacy of supernatural powers. Over the generations the abilities of the women in the family have grown stronger. There is an evil that lurks and threatens to destroy them and their loyalty to the human race, as defenders of all that is still good … Read moreThe Magic Leaves

Why Do You Keep Attracting Cowards to Your Light?

Recently I wrote about how I obsess over my friendships. That’s because they are important to me. I’m not necessarily an introvert, I do however attempt to avoid confrontation at all cost. That’s a good thing too, especially if you’re ever being held at gunpoint or find yourself in the middle of some crazy street fight. Sometimes … Read moreWhy Do You Keep Attracting Cowards to Your Light?

I Obsess Over My Friendships and This Is Why

I don’t know if it has to do with getting older or the fact that maybe I’ve always been this way and just didn’t realize it. I’m talking about being borderline psychotic about my friendships and the meaning they hold for me. I think all these years I’ve been fighting how I view being close to … Read moreI Obsess Over My Friendships and This Is Why

Make Love To Me During Winter

The temperature is dropping around the Country and Fall is in the air. Many people are lamenting over the fact that in a couple of months leaves will fall, the morning air will become saturated with the smell of distant snow and kids will require jackets for outings. I’m not sad though. Oh no I’m not … Read moreMake Love To Me During Winter

He Needs Me To Be There For Him and I’m Struggling

I hear his voice. It cracks with emotion. He is struggling to be brave and not let on that inside he’s a whirlwind of emotions. I know the feeling. The feeling of desperation. I’m living it right now. The thought that at any moment the world might crumble. He’s never felt like this before. Sure … Read moreHe Needs Me To Be There For Him and I’m Struggling