Egypt – One Woman’s Dream

Egypt – One Woman’s Dream

Everyone has dreams in life. I’ve had many in my thirty-something years on this earth and  Egypt just happens to be one of mine that I’ve not fulfilled yet.

Now that my son has graduated and is starting college this Fall, I have a new and bigger dream and that’s to visit and eventually move to Egypt to live as an expat!

Dreams don’t always happen instantaneously unless you’re one of the lucky people who win the lottery and can pick up shop and go. Since I haven’t won the lottery and don’t see that happening in the near future, I’ll have to settle for working towards my dream the old fashioned way. Hard work and determination and a lot – A LOT – of money saving and preparation.

Amidst a lot of turmoil in my life, I started thinking about this adventure about three months ago. In that time I’ve made some new friends in Egypt, online, and have researched until the wee morning hours, the good, the bad and the ugly about this amazing country.

Some nights I fall asleep thinking I must be the craziest person in the world to want to do this and then others I can’t sleep because I’m so excited.

There are a plethora of blogs and expats out there that have chronicled living as an expat in Egypt but none have stayed up to date and all seem to fizzle out as of 2015. I’m not really sure why – could be because the internet sucks over there – I don’t really know.

I had a thought though: what if I wrote about my own journey? And not just from the moment my feet hit Egyptian soil for the first time, but starting from here in America, with my plans, research, and set backs that will definitely occur?

Those are the kind of writings I look for every night online but fail to find.

So without further adieu, I give you my rendition of to infinite and beyond…much more different than Buzz Light Year landing on a young boys bed, that’s for sure!

I welcome any and all comments as always and I sincerely hope you find some excitement along with me as I pursue my ultimate goal!


Edited 1/28/2017: As dreams often do, mine have changed a bit. Although I plan on still fulfilling my dream of Egypt, I will starting a new life, inshaallah, in another part of Africa. More to come on that. In the meantime, please browse the subheadings in on this page for insights as I move forward with my dreams!