Recovery Formula: It’s Me Not You – Final Thoughts

Recovery Formula: It’s Me Not You – Final Thoughts

I bet you thought I’d forgotten all about the Recovery Formula anxiety program, right?

I didn’t.

My anxiety has been off the charts the past couple of weeks and I tend to hate everything that has to do with anxiety during that time. Even coping strategies and the like. I didn’t want to do my final review with that kind of mindset.

The recovery formula is probably a really great tool for some people. It’s not for me though.

The whole program appears to be based on mindfulness and thought training. Which is awesome for some of you, like I said. I however do not have the patience or the attention span to sit with my thoughts and experience them without judgement.

I guess I am going to be a little jaded here.

As I watched the rest of the videos that were included in the free trial, I found myself getting bored. I also laughed quite a few times but that’s just me. The idea that I can have a thought and just calmly and quietly “look” at it and then swipe it away, doesn’t work for me.

I’m a creative person. I use my thoughts every day, hour, minute and second to my advantage. I analyze every thought that comes to mind because it helps me with my writing process. It’s just how I’m wired as well. I found myself spending more time reminding my brain to move on to the next thought than I did actually moving on. (Remember that snowball effect I wrote about earlier?)

There were the repetitive statements about changing your thinking and how if you just “think” about something you want hard enough you’ll eventually wish it into existence. Couple that with the thirty minutes here and twenty minutes there of pausing the videos to write a list of things you wanted out of life, and I soon became quite sure of one thing in particular: I’d die of old age before I ever got through the program.

Yes, I realize that I’m starting to sound very negative here but I can’t help it. The woman’s way of treatment just wasn’t for me. I could think of other ways to be combating my anxiety and learning how to cope rather than listen to her repeat herself essentially in every video only with different words. Make sense?

So, like I said…

It’s not for me but that doesn’t mean it’s not for somebody out there. Honestly though I think anyone could find the same information, if not more, just Googling about ways to deal with their anxiety.

I don’t even know if this woman has a degree in anything. Does that matter? Well, yes and no.

Yes, because for $78 I would like to be getting information from someone who studied about techniques on anxiety and has dealt with a plethora of mental illness’. Even if it’s just the thought of her having a degree that works, then so be it. The power of suggestion is a wonderful thing in certain situations.

No, because I’ve dealt with anxiety and panic attacks for a very long time. From what I’ve learned from my psychiatrist, books and therapists over the past 15 plus years, I could essentially record my voice and charge money as well to help you overcome your anxiety. I certainly don’t feel qualified enough though to charge money for giving you an outline of how I manage. At least not $78.

In conclusion, does Recovery Formula really work? I don’t know. It might for some people. It worked for the lady teaching it. Or maybe it didn’t and she’s trying to give hope to others. I’ve no doubt that she has her moments and days where even she can’t swipe a thought.

My final thoughts? It’s not worth the money.

I’ll take my chances and keep plugging along with what I’m doing right now.



36 thoughts on “Recovery Formula: It’s Me Not You – Final Thoughts

  1. I watched the teaser video after scoring a 63. It’s tailored to gender, and possibly to anxiety level. One glaring thing I noticed is the man was trying to cover up an Australian accent in am attempt to sound American. But it was obvious in the way he pronounced some words. Which immediately threw up red flags. In fact. The moment he started speaking, I knew he was trying to sell me something. Could point out where the video is actually manipulating your anxiety in order to get you to want to buy.

    I sent an email alluding to the accent and the fact that he said he didn’t even want my money. Let’s see what happens, eh?

  2. thank you so much. my anxiety is getting worse everyday due to life circumstances, and I thought I found a magic cure. But because of past experience, I never fall for these unless I do a review first. I am so glad that you took the time to try it and protect us all from being scammed $78. Hope the Lord blesses you abundantly for that.

  3. Now that iv’e read this i know what they are actually selling. Some greedy person is trying to make money of the law of attraction, witch is not a anti anxiety step by step solution. I’d love to tell you about it, if you are interested dm me at messenger

  4. Thank you for covering this program. I found your blog when I searched Google to see if it was a scam, and I’m so glad I did! You are my kind of sarcastic blogger. I also have extreme anxiety and depression. I have a blog too if you ever get bored and want to check it out – it’s I haven’t written as much recently because I had to go down to almost nothing on my Klonopin in order to get treatment for depression. Yay.

    One thing that bugged me about her program, besides the 78 dollars, was how negative she was about medication. Don’t get me wrong, I have had many good and bad experiences with meds and I think you should also try therapy and other methods along with them. But to completely dismiss them angers me because, though they might not work for everyone, for some people they save lives. I think it’s irresponsible for her to set herself up as an expert and turn people away from something that might help them.

    Anyway, that’s my two bits. Also, your scale of 1 to 5 Xanax made me laugh out loud. Thanks so much. I needed that.

  5. Hi Misty
    Thank you so much for saving my time and effort. I’m actually a health care provider. We’re supposed to know everything right, no wrong. What bothered me about the introductory video was bashing of CBT. What’s really funny is that all you described IS cognitive behavioral therapy. Just not done by a trained professional. I was expecting this to be — your adrenaline is up — use it. Beat up something, primal scream, with all that lead in. I’m a functional anxious person with a severely anxious adolescent (pray for me). Things will get easier. I know this post is a year old but I still appreciate it.

  6. Misty… I also have to say thanks. I took the quiz and I feel like I wasted time watching that intro video. The “women only” deal first seemed fishy, but then I allowed it to make sense. Once I heard it was $78 dollars I stopped the video (though it was nearly done) and I searched for what exactly this method was. I found many people claiming this is a scam and saw mention of the “men only” counterpart. I think I read that one is $60. Bizarre. Then I found your awesome blog. You’ve been very fair and kind. Personally I think this “program” is complete Bs… Your review will save many reluctant people their hard earned money! Be well!

    • Victoria – thank you for reading! I’m so glad it helped you make a decision. Like I said, maybe this method works for some but not for me. Google “panic away program” and I promise you won’t be sorry! I’ve yet to write my review on that knew but it WORKS!

  7. Thank you for your time and energy into letting us know your experience. I am new to anxiety and am trying to figure stuff out in how i can deal with it. I was considering to get this “program”. But i am glad i read this first. Thank you!

  8. I reached your blog after searching for reviews of the recovery formula video. Found that one looking for anxiety coping techniques. After reading your review, I know swiping away thoughts isn’t something I can do nor do I believe wishing for things hard enough will make them happen. So that’s a hogwash. In your comments I did notice you mention another program you tried but couldn’t find the blog post, could you direct me to that please?

    • Anna – Thank you for reading! I will be posting about it soon. The program though can be found by searching for Panic Away Program. It’s SO amazing. Not a new concept, but the man explains it in a way that is easy to comprehend. 🙂 Best of luck. You can do this. I know it!

  9. I love your writing. I’ll be honest, I never read blogs. Your very inspirational and I’ve enjoyed reading through all you’ve said.
    I am only 24 (going to get deep here for a moment lol) got married, lost a baby due to molar pregnancy, had to have a D&C due to getting possible cancer from the baby, forced to get on B.C. to avoid pregnancy for another year (cancer issue could happen again), persistent pain since surgery, got two blood clots in my lungs the following month of all of this, cured the blood clots 3 months and 7 specialists later, had a laparoscopy to find why I had such bad pains, got stuck with a pain pill contract and a diagnosis with fibromyalgia.
    My life got destroyed from trying to get pregnant. Every time I get a little pain anywhere in my body, I start to think, “Is that a blood clot? Is it traveling up my leg? Do I have red streaks? Why does that hurt? Now the pain is moving!?” It’s a vicious cycle of anxiety.
    So I have a different form of anxiety than you. But we aren’t too far off.
    I used to be athletic, healthy, excited to tackle the world. Now I prefer to sleep all day and stay in room as much as possible.
    I am really a positive person. I push everyone to look at the bright side of things. I even do that with myself. Such as, if that baby Angel were to have made it through, it would have the most severe form of Down syndrome as there could be (I lost the baby, missed miscarriage, I didn’t force a D&C. I didn’t even know this was an issue until after the D&C). So now that baby’s heartbeat is always with me.
    I am happy I am alive today after those deadly blood clots.
    It can be so flipping hard to be positive after all the terrible, terrifying things happen to us, especially during an anxiety attack.
    All I seriously can do at that moment is try and breathe, try and get fresh air, walk around and do my best to convince myself it’s all going to be ok and I’m just making stuff up in my head.
    I cry thinking I need help with this because I never thought it would get this bad. But it’s half scared cry, half happy cry because I know there’s hope!!
    I really hope you are getting through your anxiety and your frolicking down those grocery isles 😉 I won’t take it for granted as much anymore for you.
    I’ll continue to read your lovely blog writings.
    Thank you for being you and reading about me and my story.
    -Emily (From Rainy Oregon)

    • Emily – I’m so sorry for all that you are going through. I really have no words that are comforting for you I am sure. However know that I believe you can do this. You can get through anything. I have to work hard everyday to keep a positive attitude. I also truly believe that it makes a difference. And Oh MY GOD I do the same thing. Every little pain or different feeling, I freak out. I have to remind myself that it’s not anything horrible and just anxiety. Do a search for Panic Away Program. I’m going to write a blog piece soon about my success with it soon. I think it will work well for you.

      Much love and hugs and thank you for reading. I’m hoping now with me hopefully having reliable internet connection, I’ll be able to write more for you to read!

  10. Thank you for this review! I am new in the world of anxiety and I am terrified of everything. Especially that I will never recover. I hate pills a lot and I never stick to them (unless they are vitamins) so I know Xanax or Valium is not the solution for me. I hope to start EMSD therapy soon as they say it’s very useful. In the meanwhile I promised myself to go run every day for 30 min and to do meditation. So far I keep to my promise. I just hope I recover. I can’t see the light at the end of this tunnel by myself 🙁

    • Ana – I’m so sorry for being late in replying. I’m still battling a bad internet connection here in Ageria.

      You can do this. And as much as I am an advocate for people to take medication when they need to, the benzos will only make the CNS issues worse in the long run. Trust me on this. Of course I would NEVER tell anyone what to do or tell anyone they are wrong for what they choose <3

      I certainly know how it feels to have anxiety and to struggle and feel no hope at the end of this long road but you know what? There IS hope and light. It's there. You need to trust me on that.

      I plan on writing a blog piece about the program I've been using that DOES work. Until then, Google Panic Away Program. I swear it works.

      Much hugs and love. Feel free to let me know how you are doing!

  11. Thank you for saving me the frustration of trying this as well as the potential expense. I feel like she’s playing us a bit, but maybe she’s just really naive.

    • You’re welcome! Thank you so much for reading! I’m hoping she sincerely is wanting to help people but the price differences for men and women is a little fishy!

  12. So glad I found your review! Super detailed, exactly what I was hoping to find. I really enjoyed listening to her voice during the intro video and ironically it actually took away some of the tightness in my chest from anxiety. I was quite cynical that it was a scam but still trying to hear what she had to say. I didn’t want to give myself anything as silly as hope, but it couldn’t hurt to try…and then she said “just 78 dollars” and I immediately had to find someone who’d tried it before I gave them even one number off my credit card.

    She claims that the “normal” methods therapists use don’t work, but all the crap she seemed to spout to you sounded a helluva lot like what my therapist would tell me to do. And meditation does NOT work for me either!! Someone telling me when to breathe in and out actually just makes me panic about not having enough air, which is the opposite effect I’m going for. Lol.

    Anyways, I wish you luck with your process to move past your anxiety and I’ll definitely be checking out your blog from now on 🙂

    • Hey! So glad you found this helpful! Yes I agree: her voice was very calming in the beginning. That was one of the reasons I decided to keep going with it. I did fell calmer at the moment as I was listening. After a while though it became monotonous. I wasn’t getting anything out of it.

      I also agree that a therapist you are already paying will tell you the same things. I found also that she was pretty repetitive with what she was offering as far as tips to help you move past the anxiety. Perhaps this is good for calming down in the moment but for long term recovery, I don’t think so. Againt that’s just my opinion.

      I’m going to be writing a review on a program I’m currently using right now that has been and will no doubt continue to be worth EVERY PENNY…(and it’s cheaper than this one)…I think you’ll enjoy it.

      I hope to publish it this weekend 🙂 Thanks again for reading. Like I said, I’m so happy that it helped you! Good luck on your journey as well. I have no doubt we’ll both come out ahead eventually.

  13. Ok so, I commented on your part 1 having not read part 2. It would be great if there were a simple answer. But the journey itself is just as relevant. Thanks again.

    • Thanks again for reading! I think you’ll enjoy my next review of a program I’m using right now. It’s helping me A TON. I’m going to start the review today and hopefully publish this weekend!

    • Sonny, I don’t actually remember! I am sure there was an email I referenced or something. Let me check it out and see what I an find. I just know that I DID cancel it and was never charged!

      • Ah good! I do NOT want to be charged, haha. I was able to email them and they were able to cancel it for me. Thank you!!

        • No problem! Glad you were able to take care of it! I knew that I hadn’t been charged so I know I took care of it. I’m horrible at cancelling things too, so…yeah…LOL 😉

  14. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this info about Recovery Formula. I’ve now been through her intro video twice and wondered if it was worth paying but clearly, it’s not. I have been struggling with GAD, OCD and PTSD for my entire life and have been in therapy on and off for 18 years. But because I’ve seen something like 15 different therapists and read dozens of books, I can usually tell what’s real and what is fishy. CBT DOES work if you put enough effort into it (my problem is that I’m lazy). I’m also embarking on my second mindfulness course this spring after an unsuccessful first attempt.

    Based on what you wrote, Recovery Formula appears to be a mindfulness-based technique where the creator has no credentials to teach it. The “swiping” thing is a load of bull crap. You aren’t supposed to swipe things from your mind – rather, you’re supposed to let the thoughts enter your brain and accept them. I have been told a true mindfulness teacher has to go through a four (or five) year program at Harvard before they legitimately have the credentials to run a course. I’m guessing this Recovery Formula chick did not.

    You’ll also want to avoid the “From Panic to Power” chick. I see her book is still scattered on bookstore shelves here in Canada. I bought the book and re-read it multiple times searching for this “treatment” she says worked for her. Nope, she never quite gets to that, because you have to buy the audio tapes (it was written in 1995) in order to uncover her secret. I swear, these are just people trying to take advantage of those with anxiety disorders.

    And I apologize for that rant but I really do feel better now!

    • Thank you for reading! I agree that we have to sit with our thoughts, accept them and then move on. I also agree that most of these people ARE in fact taking advantage of those that are desperately looking for help. At their wits end so to speak. Never apologize for ranting. I’m glad you feel better 🙂

  15. I agree. Although repetition is important, it can become monotonous if it’s not working. I can’t swipe my thoughts away either. I need to process and analyze them while searching for the silver lining or lesson from them before I can move on. Jill Cruz is right. You’ll find what works for you, keep searching. Trial and error, baby!!! Xo

    • I just can’t do the repetitive stuff…it’s so…REPETITIVE LOL. You and I have the same thought process on thoughts hahaha…Yes I will find something that works for me. I have no doubt! Love ya!

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