When Egypt Ends Up In My Back Pocket

When Egypt Ends Up In My Back Pocket

Some days are not always about Egypt. I want them to be but they aren’t.

Take today for instance. I had such a great mindset this morning. I was going to have some coffee, sit out back with the dogs and write a bunch of stuff up about my trip planning for you.

Then life happened and my morning went a little something like this:

  • Realized I was out of coffee
  • Found $2.15 for coffee
  • Drove to Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee
  • Sat in the parking lot waiting for coffee to cool off, wishing I had brought enough money for a bagel
  • Drove home and gathered up my laptop/phone/coffee and headed outside with the dogs
  • Booted up laptop and browsed Facebook and shared my previous post
  • Yelled at the dogs to quit barking
  • Put my hair up because it was starting to feel pretty hot
  • Yelled at the dogs again
  • Opened a new Word document to type up a new post
  • Re-put my hair up because, damn it, it was really humid and hot
  • Bantered on Facebook with one of the meteorologists about our rain chance today
  • Yelled at the dogs again
  • Started typing but deleted everything
  • Realized my ex-husband was off today the moment he came outside to yell at the dogs
  • Wiped the sweat from my face and flicked a few flys away
  • Slammed my laptop shut and put my feet up on the patio table
  • Looked into the sun and thought about how freaking hot it was
  • Went inside and threw some laundry on and sat on my bed under the fan
  • Opened my laptop back up and proceeded to read comments on my blog piece
  • Decided not to get into anything deep about the turmoil in the Middle East
  • Wondered why people refer to Egypt as the Middle East
  • Sighed HEAVILY
  • Read a couple of outdated blogs about Egypt
  • YouTube’d some Arabic music

This is my favorite song right now:

The rest of my day consisted of sitting on the phone with financial aid at the college for my son, doing more laundry, eating a bowl of soup and pouring a glass of wine at 2pm.

Yep, 2pm was when I finally got the email from the magazine editor that he would like me to make some changes to my article I sent in.

Then the rest of my day has gone a little like this:

  • Attempted to do the edits on the article
  • Decided that tomorrow morning when I’m fresh would be a better time to tackle the edits
  • Poured some more wine at 6pm
  • Studied Arabic for my class tomorrow
  • Finally put my earbuds in because “Selena” is being blared on the TV in the living room by my ex-husband while he drinks beer
  • Poured some more wine; the last of it
  • Listened to the above song on repeat trying to figure out what he’s saying
  • Messaged with my friend in Egypt and got the translation from him on the song
  • Decided to tell you about my day

I’ll no doubt end up doing some edits and studying Arabic again. I’ll heat up some Mexican cheese dip and eat that with some flour tortillas because I just can’t be bothered to do more than that right now.

So even though today didn’t include Egypt as much as usual…it was there. Tucked away in my back pocket. And I ran my hand over the pocket several times and smiled. That’s all that matters for now. Knowing where I’m headed in the future, both figuratively and literally.

Tomorrow is a new day and I will dream of the streets of Cairo tonight, hear the beat of the music and the call to prayer in my head as I drift off to sleep.

Maʿ al-salāmah!


4 thoughts on “When Egypt Ends Up In My Back Pocket

  1. Nice beats! Love the close up of the pyramids! My days often go by with similar sidetracks and hang ups except queue 2 littles and a puking dog instead of an ex-husband and barking dogs, lol!!

    • Hahaha..yeah I would imagine your days are much more sidetracked than mine! Today isn’t shaping up to be any more focused than yesterday…boooo…and isn’t that really cool song? It’s a love song *wink wink*

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