Recovery Formula: Anxiety Cure Scam or Plan? Part One

Recovery Formula: Anxiety Cure Scam or Plan? Part One

Tick-Tock! My seven-day free trial is running out!

Some of you heard yesterday that I’m taking some time out of my busy (cough-cough) schedule to try out some new products and/or programs on how to help with anxiety.

I thought I’d take the fall and waste my time seeing if any of these “cure all’s” really do work.

Actually, I’m going to be positive up front and really, I mean really, apply myself to each one. I know I joke a lot but let’s face it; my anxiety is debilitating at this point. I can’t even go to the grocery store without having a massive panic attack. That’s no beuno.

I really do miss the days that I had to go and hated it. If I ever knew there would be a day that I would have to wait in the car while my son or someone else did my shopping, well, I wouldn’t have taken those trips to the store for granted.

I seriously want nothing more than to be able to browse aisle after aisle of crap I don’t need. I’ll even cherish the moments of being with other people in the store. Hell, if I find some miracle break through, I’ll even take your kid with me just for fun!

Seriously though.

Enough with the negative talk. Apparently being positive is the first step in succeeding with any of these programs so I have to get into that mind set. I’m positive most of the time anyway but for the sake of humor it pays (not literally) to be negative some times.

Let’s get started shall we? As I said, the clock is ticking on my first adventure in learning how to cure my anxiety by August 29th, 2016 which is what? 22 days? Ok so I was generous with Recovery Formula.

That’s the first program I decided to sign up for last night when I Googled:

“how to desensitize yourself to fear”

Actually the original article I came across was from this website. (Click on the word website and it’ll take you there.)

I add this link in here only because it had some really good information on what desensitizing is and basic steps on how to do it. It’s not just for anxiety either. It’s about phobia’s as well. They use “snakes” as the phobia in their example in this link, which is a real fear for a lot of people. Grocery stores just happen to be mine.

Halfway through the article there’s what I am thinking is an ad but it doesn’t really look like one. I thought it was part of the Calm Clinics website. It offered a 7-minute anxiety test and they would take my results to give me a plan to help cure my anxiety. Well yeah! I’ve got seven minutes and who doesn’t want a plan to cure their anxiety???

So I took the test. (And you should too! It’s free and fun and kills some time and much less boring than those Facebook tests about “who’s your alter ego in another life?” that we all get stuck doing for hours.)

I scored a whopping “70” on the anxiety meter which spans from generalized anxiety all the way to agoraphobia, which by the way, I’ve never been diagnosed with.

The test also showed a graph underneath my personal one with the score of 20 or 28 (I can’t remember, but apparently this is a normal score for people who are calm and collected in ALL situations.) which is where I should be according to the quiz.

To the right was an audio presentation and I noticed it was only 8 minutes long, but it promised to tell me how to bring my levels down by August 29th and it was free to watch so I did.

My first impression, because I’m honest here, was that it was just another scam to get money out of people. Preying off the anxiety ridden person’s desperate need to feel normal again.

The video was actually nice. I enjoyed listening to the woman tell me about her own experience and there was some pretty good information on how medications for anxiety work but you have to go through side effects first and pay a lot of money to a psychiatrist or psychologist to supplement the medications; and she’s right. I’ve been doing it for 15 years or longer now. I’ve been on Klonopin for six years and on Xanax for 10 years before that. I was happy however to find that if you can last for the first year, give or take a few months, that you will be OK to do whatever you want in life!

Wrong, lady friend o’ mine.

I’m not OK to do whatever I want but my body and brain is addicted to these benzo’s so I have to keep taking them unless I want to check into hotel psycho and wean off. I don’t. I don’t have the money or time to do that and the meds do actually help, they just don’t keep me from freaking out in the grocery store.

Anyway, my next thought was, “Well what if this isn’t for me then? What if I’ve been on medication too long for this to work,” and then I listened to her pleas of “Just give me a chance to show you how my method will transform your life without ever having to put yourself in an anxiety provoking situation!”

I’m not stupid. I’m desperate, but not stupid, and my desperation truly wants to believe that she can help me. I’m sure that there are many people that want her to be able to help them. Soooo, I waited until the end of the video.

Then it came.

For only $78 she’ll teach me her method. BUT…I get 7 days to try it out and see results. YES! She’s promising that by the end of 7 days I’ll be so happy with the results I’ll have seen by then that I won’t mind her charging my debit card two easy payments of $39 over two weeks.

I have to interject here really quick and say that I suck, absolutely suck, at cancelling trial offers before my card is charged so I’m really going to need to be on the ball with this. That is…unless in 7 days I really do see a difference and it’s absolutely worth the $78.

(I keep mentioning the cost because I need you to know that this is considerably cheaper than anything else I’ve seen on the internet for this kind of stuff so far. You need you know that there are people who want to help you but it does cost money usually. We all  need you to know that it’s $78. Which we all know instead of saying $80, $78 sounds so much cheaper? Yes?)

So in the name of science and all things anxiety and fearful, I’ve signed up. Not only for myself though. For you, my fellow anxiety sufferer as well. I will diligently work her program at least for the first 7 days and see if there is any help to be had and if there is then I will pay the money and continue with the course.

Last night I began the program.

Step 1: Setting your goals

Simple enough, I only had to write down my immediate goal and then my goals for the next two months and three months. I’m a little nervous though. I don’t math very well but two and three month goals and 7 day trials and 22-day cure all’s don’t add up to 60 or 90 day results. I wrote them down. Oh and you have to be in the present. You can’t just say, “I will eventually do blah blah blah…,” because apparently she says our brains will never do what we need to do now if we think future, so we have to think NOW.  Not future. Hence my scribbles.  Also don’t mind my spelling errors or the medical jargon. It’s just how I write when I’m excited. Remember? I’m being full on honest and open with this so we all get the best results from this.


She promises though, that if you work the program your hardest and follow every step to the “T” that you’ll be able to live that full life you used to and you’ll be able to shop at the grocery store or hold a snake? I don’t know. You’ll be able to do anything in life without fear or anxiety or panic attacks again! Something like that.

Today I begin the next phase.

Last night, as soon as she said I needed to be somewhere comfortable and quiet I logged out because I had dogs running around and my ex-husband in my business and none of those things make for a quiet and comfortable environment.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of “Recovery Formula”.  I start it today.

Follow me through this journey and we’ll see if it’s worth the $78 she says it is!

28 thoughts on “Recovery Formula: Anxiety Cure Scam or Plan? Part One

  1. I’m so glad I googled this after taking that test! The thought that i was about to get scammed made my anxiety level even higher than it was before I took it lol! Please share if you find any relief. I am about to look into taking a leave of absence at work as just the thought of what my desk looks like is enough to make me want to swallow a bottle of pills.

  2. I’m so glad I googled this after taking that test! The thought that i was about to get scammed made my anxiety level even higher than it was before I took it lol! Please share if you find any relief. I am about to look into talking a leave of absence at work as just the thought of what my desk looks like is enough to make me want to swallow a bottle of pills.

  3. Hey Misty,

    This may be random to you and is in no way a cure all, but have you ever heard of/tried ASMR videos? It helps me and thousands of others get to sleep and calm down at the end of the day. One particular ASMRtist named WhispersRed also had/has anxiety and she adresses how she overcame it with therapy and ASMR. Shes given me courage to acept that I do need help with my anxiety enough to get therapy, though I still need to get off my lazy ass and do it already lol Just thought I’d mention this as it might be of some small assistance to you.

    • Hey! Sorry for the late response! I’ve watched them before but honestly they did not doing anything for me. 🙁 I will look her up though and see if her videos may be better than the ones I watched. 🙂 Thanks for the comment and again I’m sorry for the late response!

  4. Thanks for the feedback.

    What you have related in drawing up goals in that program I saw used in BrainGym and other techniques. The brain loves goals as it gives it a focus, a place to move towards.

    I would also like to add, since forming a relationship with Jesus, my anxiety levels are far lower than before.
    There are days(sometimes a week) were I am feeling happy and content, for what seems to me no reason, and nothing bothers me. Some other days I still feel it, the stress/anxiety, but its not as bad as before. Its as if I am changing. But I’m not changing myself, more like I am being changed.

    Anyhew, I recommend you give Jesus a try. I can vouch for him, and he is free 🙂

  5. I’m so glad that I found this blog! I’ve had anxiety for my entire life, but lately its gotten really awful and I’ve finally decided to do something about it. I’m glad that I can read your reviews before I potentially waste $78 🙂

  6. Thanks for this blog!! May you contributers all sucess in your quests. I had the results of the free test and had high score-( which made me cry) I didn ‘t take it any further, but felt that someone had somehow listened to my personal problems- i think we are all looking to share our life’s trials and tribulations with… I wonder if they too are listening in on us??!?

  7. I signed up for the program, gave my credit card information, tried to register, and it came up that I already had an account, and to try logging in. I did that and couldn’t get in. So I probably got screwed out of $68. I won’t find out if I’ve been charged until the 18th. By that time it will be too late!! Want to talk about crank up my anxiety for seven days.

  8. “Shop in a grocery store or hold a snake” for some odd reason made my day! I just laughed because I know how felt listening to the recording and how hopeful I felt. I suffer from not being able to drive long distance or on highways, and it is so limiting to my life. And I hate meds,. Or how doped I feel. But I was so desperate I was about to go back on until I saw the calm clinic add. Or article. Then I resaearched and found you. Thank you. It sounds like life coaching a person to healing anxiety. I am a coach. I’ve been blessed to help a lot of people. So I am interested in your outcome.

    • Hey Kim! Thanks for reading! I’m glad you got a laugh. Hahaha! I’m sure you’ve read the other two by now and you know my thoughts on this program. I think it is exactly life coaching for anxiety. It may help some but it’s not for me.

      I’m so glad you are able to help others too. That’s an amazing thing.

    • You’re not the first one to tell me that! That is so fishy. Another reason I don’t like this program. Why would you have two different prices? I don’t understand that. It’s almost as if they think women are more apt to pay more because we’re more desperate?! I don’t know. It bothers me though.

    • I personally think this method they are charging for, is one that you can accomplish or attempt for free. I have an upcoming piece being published about a program I am using right now. It’s all about radical acceptance.

  9. The Calm Clinic has no magic. They use standard techniques and texts, but have spent a lot of time and effort in marketing and psychological techniques to sell you a dream.

    • I’m so sorry Kelly! I just saw this comment! To answer your question, I think it’s a good program but not to pay for. It’s mainly mindful thinking and positive affirmations that you perform over a course of months. I really think there are other (read as FREE) ways to do that such as many videos that I’ve found on YouTube. I’m not saying this isn’t a good program, just that in my opinion, it’s all things you can do for free. Let me know if you have any other questions! Thank you so much for reading!

  10. I’m pulling for ya! … Of course!!! I really hope it works!! Great now goals, too! I like how you crossed off eventually 😉

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