The Magic Leaves – Battle Rising

The Magic Leaves – Battle Rising

Part IV

Lucas dug around in the dirt in the garden with a ferocity he had never experienced.

He had woken drenched in sweat from a nightmare he couldn’t remember. Dragging himself from bed had been a chore this morning, and it had frightened him a bit. He was normally one that woke with an eagerness to face the day, but not today. Staring out the patio doors at the bright light, holding his coffee tight in cold hands, he’d been mesmerized at the pull the fresh dirt in the yard caused in him. He had felt the urge to grab great handfuls of the soil and could almost feel it slipping lazily through his hands. Like the soft silk of a lovers under garments. He had actually felt a tug at his groin at the thought of the feeling.

He had been digging now, aimlessly, for three hours. Suddenly he sat back and fell squarely on his ass as he stared intently at what he’d actually been creating.

Before him was what resembled a shallow grave. At approximately eight feet long and four feet deep, the makeshift burial site stunned him but also gave him a perverse satisfaction of sorts.

Shaking his head from his thoughts, Lucas mentally chastised himself for even thinking that what he’d been doing for the past three hours was normal. “What the hell,” he asked himself inside of his head. Instead of answering himself, like he would’ve welcomed, he heard a small and frightened voice whispering for ‘gran’ and instantly he was slammed back to the ground by a voice.  A voice so powerful that he took the fear of the quiet whisper, on as his own. Lucas Brennan had never felt fear before.

Lying on the ground, the early Spring chill seeping through his t-shirt, he felt his eyes closing on their own accord and instantly felt the pounding behind his eyes begin.


His groans of pain became louder and louder and a fleeting thought of gratitude for neighbors at that moment came swiftly across his minds eye, but there were none to help him. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Nobody could help him now. He was crossing that threshold between reality and the surrealism of the change that was happening.

He was instantly spiraling inside of his own mind, through colors unimaginable to the average person. Lucas was not average though. He was special. He’d been told that from the time he could understand the human language. Told that in his own native tongue, before he’d even been brought to life. He’d taken ‘trips’ like this before but not against his own will. This time would be different and he knew that. Could feel it in his bones; to his core.

As he continued plummeting the waves of fear crashed even harder and somewhere in the mix of all of that fear was another type of dread coming through and it was interwoven with anger and blood thirsty emotion.

Suddenly he was standing in a hallway and although he felt the thud of the placement of his body as it jarred his jaws, he was quite sure that the man in front of him was not aware of his presence just yet. Funny how Lucas could feel every single emotion inside of this foreign house yet he was seemingly invisible.

His eyes had a hard time adjusting to the dimness of the hallway. He felt his pupils dilating to accommodate the shadow of the hulking figure before him. Actually felt them shrinking. He narrowed his eyes against the strange feeling. The shadow man before him stood at least seven feet tall and was at least four feet across from shoulder to shoulder. He was hardly even close to that at 6’4″ himself.

Time would be running out soon and this entity would know that he had arrived. Where had that thought come from? Images from another time ran through Lucas’ mind but were too quick to grasp at the moment, but he knew this was not a mortal man. There was also a smaller yet still powerful presence beyond the giant that loomed. In another corner of his mind he felt an even smaller presence still. The energy radiating from that one though; it was deep and hard and more dominant than all of them put together.

Lucas felt threatened by all three aura’s yet he was drawn to a building anger toward the freak in front of him. It was the only word he cold muster as the fear of being discovered overcame him.

“Well, who do we have here,” asked a deep growling voice.

Slowly the man before him straightened up in a slow manner, not threatening at all, but Lucas knew better, and he spread his legs out a little bit more and clenched his fists at his side. A sharp pain tore through his heart as he felt the slightest bit of fear from the smallest in the room and almost felt the urge to cry. Whatever the hell was happening, it was a first for him and something that he was sure he had not been trained to combat.

“A Brennan?” There was a chuckle from the shadow man.

The hulking figure began to turn slowly, his dress-like garment whispering against the wooden floor.

As he turned, his right arm made a sweeping motion that ended with an upturned palm towards something or someone behind him.

“So you have come to ask sweet Mari to play as well, yes,” he asked, “Well her dear grandmother seems to think it’s not a good day for little girls to play and I came to see if I could persuade either of them. Unfortunately, no doubt you are feeling the same disdain I am, from the elder.”

Lucas braced himself and judged each movement, each word and breath from the man in front of him, for he was no longer the ‘entity’ to Lucas, but what his subconscious had feared and had tried to warn him of just mere seconds ago.  He was soon looking into the black eyes of a Castil warrior. The General to be exact.

“I see the confusion in your eyes Brennan. Perhaps you are still not sure why you are here. Surely you didn’t expect to see such a high ranking official from my own World,” he laughed loudly.

Lucas saw the young girl now, as the General raised his arms to his belly to hold himself as he guffawed.

The General was correct. Not only did he not expect to see a Castil, much less the General of the force, he also had no idea why he was here. His own clan did not have any ill going on’s with the Castils. Nor even the Talmachs. Talmach. The name rolled through his mind. How had he known that?

” You shouldn’t be here Brennan. Listen closely. Mari is in danger and I will protect her. You must go. Never has a Marthol fought a Castil. It’s against the treaty signed many centuries ago and never has your kind ever helped the lower caste Talmachs. Go, now. You will bring shame to your clan and die in the process.” 

The thought came to him swiftly and the gnarled voice was not from the young girl who now stared suspiciously at him, past the warrior he faced.

“I- i can’t. I am here and I have no idea why but I am here. I know nothing of the treaty you speak of–there isn’t time for this inner mind chatter old lady–,” Lucas spat subconsciously.  He felt the sudden urge to reach for the girl when suddenly a sharp pain shattered through his outstretched arm! He hadn’t even known he had been reaching past the General. The pain shot up to his shoulder and stretched across his back and down to his other arm. An attack move meant to paralyze an adversary temporarily, yet the man didn’t attempt to subdue him further.


The child-like voice reverberated strong and loud. Louder than any other telepathic voice he’d ever heard before.

“Ahhh so Mari does have a voice! How sweet it is too! So proud and vibrant is your spirit young princess. Impressive,” the Castil warrior said pleasantly. “So Brennan, which of us will play with young Marisol first? Hmm? Shall I take her first and let you have the spoils when I’m finished? Or would you think me to be to gentlemanly if I gave you first crack at her young flesh? What shall it be? Quick Marthol scum. It’s the first time your clan will have a chance to choose for themselves,” stated the General.

Just then, a bright light flashed through the hallway and a great wind blew and a sweet humming began to infiltrate the space. Someone else was here. Something else.


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