The Magic Leaves

The Magic Leaves

The Magic Leaves is a story of a family with a legacy of supernatural powers. Over the generations the abilities of the women in the family have grown stronger. There is an evil that lurks and threatens to destroy them and their loyalty to the human race, as defenders of all that is still good on Earth.

For hundreds of years the Talmach’s have fought the corruption of the army Castil.  The legion of paranormal antagonists that threaten to destroy the architecture of everything precious to the mortal inhabitants of the World. They will stop at nothing to eradicate the existence of the supernatural powers of the Talmhach clan.

A protector has come to Earth to assist the young girl in what will no doubt be the biggest battle the clan has faced in history. Can this protector convince the matriarch of the Talmhach’s that he is strong and smart enough to care for the clans strongest and youngest empathic princess? Only time will tell.

Follow young Marisol through her journey as she learns about her bloodline and attempts to rein in her abilities while keeping the family legacy of past generations intact.

Filled with blood, lust, unique friendships and heroic battles for love, The Magic Leaves, will guide your senses through a labyrinth of emotions and imagery like no other story.



7 thoughts on “The Magic Leaves

  1. Wishing you all the best with this next step, the one that can drive most authors completely batty, the final book formatting and editing. For luck in Australia, theatre people wish each other “Chookas” so that is my wish for you on this project.

  2. I was totally enveloped and felt as though I was but a fly on the wall, yet still feeling everything. What a wondrous way you spin a story!

  3. Baby sister, you write with such purpose and skill, such ease. I love this piece!! I love reading anything that unfolds before me and so beautifully sets itself up to be seen. This is an amazing story. You did good!!

  4. It’s raining and cold here…and I’m just back from taking the kids to school. I was transported to a cloud above the bench. Beautiful words as always Misty. You are truly gifted.

  5. I absolutely loved this piece, just as i knew that I would!! I felt like I was there, I could smell the cold fall air and could hear the leaves crunching!!! I could even imagine the cold stone bench on my bottom.

    Misty, I love everything that you write and I do admire you. I write, no one knowa this because I would never have the courage you have, by putting it out there for the world to see! I love you, girl…keep on doing what you do!!!

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