Sometimes Love Is Best Left In The Past

Lately I’ve been dreaming of love and what it would be like to have someone really love me.¬†Really love me. Nope, that’s wrong. Actually it’s more like what would it be like if the girl I was so long ago was actually the woman I am today? Would the same people still be in my … Read more

What Would Life be Like if the Bard Had Sired My Son?

Most people think of Johnny Depp, Shemar Moore, or Matthew McConaughey as just a few of the top men they’d do anything to have a baby with. I’d probably go with Johnny Depp because well, duh, Johnny Depp. In reality my baby daddy is just outright a pain in the ass. So if I had … Read more

I Obsess Over My Friendships and This Is Why

I don’t know if it has to do with getting older or the fact that maybe I’ve always been this way and just didn’t realize it. I’m talking about being borderline psychotic about my friendships and the meaning they hold¬†for me. I think all these years I’ve been fighting how I view being close to … Read more