Welcome to Rustica!

Welcome to Rustica where words are meant for more than just sentences. Where words come out to play and escape my chaotic mind.


I’ve had a love for writing since I was a little girl. I can remember writing songs on my bedroom floor at the age of eight and dreaming of being famous one day. Now I am just a writer, embarking, the past three years, on a journey I never could have imagined.

There have been days where I write and write, the words flowing from my fingertips like blood from a wound. There have also been months where life has sucked the creativity straight from my bones like a hungry soldier weary from war who has not eaten in weeks.

My tears have fallen and I have wiped them up. There have been days where I thought the tears would never quit falling on my heart. Nights where my words played happily in my head but refused to leave the sanctuary they so love. Some moments I am able to coax them into the light and beware! Once they have ventured out there is no stopping them.

You will find a vertitable circus here in Rustica, of written words.

Some may catch your eye and your imagination while others will leave you feeling dry and dusty inside. That’s the beauty of this written rustic world of prose.

There is something for everyone and nothing for anybody, on any given day. It is one of my greatest dreams come true. To write without fear and to fear no writing.

So welcome. Welcome to my my minds humble abode on paper. Or should I say screen?


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